Saturday, May 10, 2014

Seems that I don't spam the right way?

Some night, I was browsing random stuff when I encountered someone talking about Keypic.
Keypic has a mission, to let CAPTCHAS disappear from the web.
I can relate to that, ReCAPTCHA is the most annoying thing that came across someone who just wants to post/reply something.
However, we do need something to stop those pesky spammers, but don't rely too much on Keypic to this.
I've broken it and made a PoC script. It was refused by the admins because, and check this:
"You don't spam in the regular way"
Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't knew spammers had a "regular way".
I did however posted dozens of spam/links/text/pub on their demo blog. So, you go figure WTF is a regular way...
My brother did the same thing, we post all over the blog until the admins shut down the comments section.
I'm not aware of Keypic current state, like I've said before, I'm writing this way too long after writing the PoC script.
Hope that someday it works fine. It's a nice concept despite all the initial problems(?) or the admins arrogance to admit that the system has been defeated (on that day at least).
No, I won't post any kind of PoC code, you figure it out, it's really easy.

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