Saturday, May 10, 2014

Robei - Visual Chip Design Software (RE)

Ahhh, FPGA, the ultimate toy and challenge for electronics hobbyists.
I've been learning about Verilog and VHDL (thanks J.Pereira) in my spare times.
Sometime ago, I've came across Robei - Visual Chip Design Software.
It's a nice piece of software for the FPGA newbie like me, it allows you to skip the code writing and draw directly your logic circuits, and then, study the generated code.
Robei, has a fair price and I strongly advise that you should buy it if needed.
Although, that night I had nothing special to do, and started to reverse Robei.
Found a simple way to subvert the registration system using the tools of the trade (OllyDbg, IDA, among others).
I've contacted the developer and explained the situation, also sent a patched version of the main executable.
He, being such a nice and comprehensive person, replied that it wasn't good enough, on big projects it would be spitting out errors because the lack of a valid registration.
So I fixed it and sent a new patch with the promise that wouldn't be distributed online.
Guosheng Wu, a big thank you for your understanding.
I did the crack/keygen for learning purposes only, code won't be distributed ever and I believe that you already fixed it in newer versions.

Wouldn't be nice if all the developers were understanding persons like Guosheng?

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